SAMSUNG GALAXY A10 Common Problems & Issues + Solution Fix – TIPS &TRICKS


Samsung Galaxy A10 is one of the most affordable phone in the A series phones produced by Samsung. It is an android 9.0 with a one UI for software update. It has LCD capacitive touch screen which is 6.2 inches in size. The resolution is 720 by 1520 pixels. Samsung Galaxy A10 has plastic body with a glass front. Its front camera is 8megapixels while the back camera has 13 megapixels providing quality photos. The video recording quality is 1080p@30fps. It is powerful at multitasking since it is driven by Exynos 7884 Octa chipset and an Octa core of 2 by 1.6 GHz and 6 by 1.35 GHz CPU. SAMSUNG Galaxy A10 has a 2GB RAM and a 32GB internal storage capacity that can be expanded by use of a microSD to 512GB.

The phone uses a 3400mAh non removable Li-Ion battery. It also has 3.5mm jack for the speaker and its sensory features are accelerometer and proximity. The sim slot allows a single Nano-sim or dual sim with a Nano sim dual on stand-by. Network technology for the device is GSM and HSPA. Its communication connectivity are Bluetooth with a 5.0, A2DP, LE, the GPS with A-GPS, FM radio and a USB of microUSB 2.0. It also supports WI-FI and both 3G and 4G network connectivity. The camera has an LED flash, panorama and HDR features. The colors available for Samsung Galaxy A10 are red, black and blue.

This is a good and budget friendly Samsung phone in the market. The features contained in the device are great and highly recommended. However, there are some common problems that may arise when using Samsung Galaxy A10. This article will focus on some of these common issues and solutions to the problems.

Samsung Galaxy A10 touchscreen not responding

The freezing of a gadget’s screen is one of the common problems and it can be really frustrating.  However, here are some tricks to do so as to fix the issue on your device.

  • Try and soft reset your phone. Do this by pressing the power key and volume decrease key at the same time and hold on to them for a few seconds. The phone’s logo will appear and the phone will restart again. This may fix the problem.
  • Delete any excess outdated data so as to create space if the phone is running out of storage capacity. This will definitely help.
  • Reboot or restart your phone by long pressing the power key and the volume down button.

Overheating issues in Samsung Galaxy A10

  • Avoid use of your phone while it is charging
  • Avoid prolonged charging of your device, once it is at 100%, then immediately unplug it from the power source.
  • Delete any heavy game apps on your phone and avoid playing them for long as they usually overheat the phone.
  • Delete and uninstall all unnecessary background apps.

Samsung Galaxy A10 apps crash unexpectedly

  • Clear cache and data on the specific app with an issue. Go to settings -> Apps -> choose the Apps name -> Clear the cache/data.
  • You can delete the app and try reinstalling it again from Play Store.
  • In case the app is outdated, update it to the recent version to avoid crashing.

Non responsive SIM card

  • Restart your phone and check if problem is solved
  • Remove the SIM card and re-insert it properly.
  • Check the sim card slot if there is any dirt,and clean it.
  • Examine the SIM card to see if the SIM card is damaged physically. If it is permanently destroyed, then a replace will be necessary.
  • Refresh the network connection by turning on Airplane Mode for a short while then it off again.

Samsung Galaxy A10 camera failure

There are times a warning pops up on your device that ‘Camera failed’. This can be frustrating but it can be rectified.

  • Force a restart of the phone. Long press the power and volume decrease buttons for around ten seconds.
  • Close all the apps that may be running and especially those that may be using the camera. Once they are close, try using the camera.
  • Delete any excess data and check on phone’s storage capacity to ensure that there is enough space. Go to settings -> device storage -> Delete data/cache.
  • Perform a factory reset on your device. Back up your data before performing this action. Go to phone’s settings -> General tab -> click on Backup and Reset -> choose factory data reset -> tap on Reset device.

Samsung Galaxy A10 slow performance

  • Check if there are any viruses that have attacked your phone and delete them. This can be efficiently done by use of an anti-virus app. Install Bitdefender Antivirus and scan your phone for existing threats.
  • Update the phone’s operating system to the latest version.
  • Delete excess data from your device and create sufficient storage space.
  • Delete any heavy game apps that you may have installed on your device.
  • Check if there are any third app parties and get rid of them. Get the original apps from Google Play Store.
  • Reboot your phone and see if the problem is fixed.
  • Factory reset your phone after backing up your data. Go to phone’s settings -> General tab -> click on Backup and Reset -> choose factory data reset -> tap on Reset device.

Difficulty in installing Play Store Apps

Sometime the phone may be unable to install apps from Play Store. Here are some of the solutions you may try.

  • Ensure you have enough storage space to allow installation of the app. In case the space is limited, delete unnecessary data.
  • Clear the search history on Google Play Store and app data.
  • Check that you are not installing third app parties.
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