OnePlus 6T Issues - Common Problems, Features, Tips and Tricks


With proximity, accelerometer, fingerprint (under display), Compass and Gyro, OnePlus 6T has again proven to up the game for the entire OnePlus franchise. It was released in November, 2018 and it has been in demand ever since. This phone has a feature of dual SIMs and Nano SIMs can be used for this purpose. OnePlus 6T has a nice 6.41 inches touchscreen display with a resolution of 1080 by 2340 pixels.

But then, OnePlus 6T offers a myriad of new trends which might someone some time to get used to. So, here we will be providing you tips and tricks to make OnePlus 6T suited to your preferences.

  1. Hiding the Notch:
  2. OnePlus 6T has a Notch Display which is one of the biggest smartphone trends. But in case you are not a big fan of it, you can simply follow those steps to hide it.
    • Go to the phone Settings
    • Click on Display
    • Go to Notch Display option
    • Tap on Hide the Notch Area and activate the Compatibility Mode

  1. Toggling between Portrait and Pro modes:
  2. The specialty of OnePlus models is their camera features. So generally, it becomes an issue when the camera cannot be used to its best capacity in such models. Toggling between Portrait and Pro modes is something that most users have an issue with and this issue can be resolved by following those steps.
    • Open the Camera app and then click on the Portrait Option for a Portrait image
    • Adjust the depth effect
    • In addition to that, OnePlus 6T gives an option of bokeh effects
    • Now, if you want to go to Pro mode, simply swipe up after opening the camera app
    • ISO, aperture, shutter speed and white balance can be adjusted in this mode
    • Select the adjustments from the bottom of the screen, near the Shutter Option

  1. Reading Mode and Night Mode:
  2. Most users prefer reading ebooks on their phones and not on Kindle. For this, OnePlus provides Reading Mode and Night Mode to better adjust to the suitability according to the readers’ light preferences.
    • For toggling Reading Mode, go to Settings
    • Select the Display Option
    • Then select Reading Mode
    • If you want to select apps which you want to access in this mode, there is an option to Add Apps for Reading Mode
    • Similarly, Night Mode can be toggled in a similar fashion by going to Settings, Display and clicking on Night Mode
    • This Mode provides an additional option to set hours for Night Mode so that the phone automatically adjusts the screen light as per your preference

  1. Run Apps in Parallel :
  2. OnePlus 6T has an interesting feature where apps can be used in parallel. For this, follow these steps:
    • Go to Settings
    • Selects Apps Option
    • Click on Parallel Apps
    • Select from the list of apps and a slider will appear for the selected apps to be used in parallel

OnePlus 6T has a big issue and that is the emission of radiations from the phone is one among the highest value of radiations emitted by any phone. Therefore, the users are advised to use it according to their discretion and to maintain sufficient distance between them and the phone while sleeping.

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