How to Find My Device With IMEI Tracker?


With the improvement in technology, everyone has mobile phones in their hands. Students also need mobile phones to do their school-related work but with many benefits of a mobile phone, disadvantages also come along with it. But, besides all of it if you ever lost your device and want to find it. You can find your device by IMEI tracker. In this article, we will learn how to find my device with the IMEI tracker.

What is IMEI?

Every phone has an IMEI number on the back of its battery. Under the laws, this IMEI number is used to track lost phones.

How to find the device through the IMEI number?

Follow the below steps to find your device through the IMEI number. Make sure you read and understand every step only if you will be able to activate the tracking option.

  1. The phone's IMEI number must first be obtained before you can track it. On the phone itself, you can do this by dialing *#06#, or you can look for the number on the back of the phone
  2. The device must be registered with a tracking service like Google IMEI tracker that supports IMEI tracking
  3. Enter the online IMEI tracker number into the website of the track phone using IMEI online free to complete the second step
  4. The IMEI tracker can only function if the phone you are tracking is turned on and connected to the internet
  5. The tracking service needs access to the phone's location data to locate it. This shows that the telephone needs to have a GPS collector and empower area administrations

After these five steps, you will be able to find my device with IMEI on the map and it will let you know which location your device is.

Things need to remember

The phone you are tracking needs to be connected with a data connection and the tracking service you are using must have the location data. In other words, the device must have a GPS receiver to track locations.

Winding up

I hope you know and understand the 6 simple steps of finding my device with the IMEI number. Share this post with your near ones so that they can save this post if they ever need this information in the future. Thank you for appreciating our post and for more articles and blogs, stay tuned to our website. We will bring more informative content for you.



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