Google might have paid $12 Billion to Apple


Lately, the online search engine pioneer Google is facing some serious allegations claimed by U.S Department of Justice regarding use of illegal tactic to create their monopoly in the market of online search engines.  

The American Department of Justice has filed an antitrust lawsuit against the Google which is significantly built upon the arrangements that they made with other tech giant companies to be the default search engine and browser on devices. Now many online reports suggest that the Justice Department has alleged that the American based firm Google paid Apple around $12 billion to be the default search engine on Apple products.

The figures according to the lawsuit are mainly based on public estimates. The Department of Justice has claimed that even though people have the choice of altering their default search engine but very few users actually do and this gives the biggest online search engine Google biased benefits and is not right what so ever for small companies competing with Google.

Ken Walker, senior VP, Global Affairs, said in his blog that the case against Google has deep flaws. People use Google not because they don’t have any other options but they choose to. He himself admits that the company does pay for its services to be promoted just like any other normal business does. The VP further added that there is nothing immoral about the agreements Google has with Apple. According to Ken, Google’s agreements with Apple and other device manufactures & carriers are no different than any other agreements that many companies have traditionally use to distribute software.  

However, the Department of Justice of United States still believes that Google & Apple both are working on their agreement as one company. Meanwhile, Google said that they are self-assured about the lawsuit and stand their position firmly. The antitrust law is planned to encourage innovation and help users, not slant the playing field in favor of any particular competitors or make it harder for the people to get the services they want.  


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