Algorithm and Flowchart to find the power of 2


Flowchart to find the power of 2:

Algorithm and flowchart to find the power of 2
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Algorithm for power of 2:

Declare n and count Read n if(n&n-1 ==0 and n!=0) { count=log(n)/log(2); } print(count)

In this program we declare two integers, one for taking input and other for storing the result and giving output. We read n and if(n&(n-1))==0 and n not equal zero, then it will enter the loop.

Let us understand this n&(n-1) and integer which is power of 2 in the binary numbers it will be 1,10,100,1000,10000 which in decimal system is 0,2,4,8,16. That number subtracting it by 1 will give 0,01,011,0111,01111 which is totally opposite of numbers which are power of 2. If we take bitwise and operator for that i.e. n&(n-1) it will always give you zero for the number which are power of 2. So through this we can understand whether the number is power of 2 or not.

Once we get to know the number is power of 2 with the help of log formula ( log2 (x) = logy (x) / logy (2)) we find the log2(n) and print the result.

Program for Finding Power of 2 in C:

#include<stdio.h> #include<math.h> int main() { int n, count; printf("Enter number:"); scanf("%d", & n); if ((n & (n - 1)) == 0 and n != 0) { count = log(n) / log(2); } printf("power of 2 is %d", count); }

Output of Program:

C Program to find the power of 2

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  • navin

    i cannot understand algorithm ao i hope you make me power full in a computer please ? help me

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