Will Chatbots replace more apps in 2019?


Open an app, and a pop-up appears, ‘How may I help you with your search?’ We all know that these are not human interactions, but the interactions via a Chatbot which most apps have now resorted to. But in the event of apps putting in place their own Chatbots, the question arises whether Chatbots will be replacing more apps in 2019.

Will Chatbots replace more apps in 2019

A report by Gartner’s mentioned that about 85% of customer interactions will be managed without any human involvement by 2020. And why is that so? Technological advancements, advances in machine learning, surge of messaging apps, app fatigue and extreme app development are all the crucial reasons behind the new wave of Chatbot technology.

Humans are now more comfortable in chatting, and that is the prime reason behind the increased demand for Chatbots. Well, Chatbots also implement Artificial Intelligence with their programmed responses that vary with every query and thus they make customer interaction better and easier as compared to calling a customer care executive and holding the call for a long time to get the issue resolved.

Basically, this is a whole new level of automation where there is no need of human involvement. Why has there been a rise in the demand of messaging apps like Whatsapp, Messenger, WeChat and Skype? Because humans love to interact, and a Chatbot only simplifies the solution. The apps mentioned above take up 80% of the average mobile user’s time, according to a recent survey and Chatbots can basically aid in the human need of interaction by providing real-time customer care, support and attention to the issues of the audience without any need of the manual messaging chores.

Convenience, cost-effectiveness, differentiation and technological savviness – all of these is offered by Chatbots. And it is because of all of these reasons that it is very likely that Chatbots will replace more apps in 2019.


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