Who is a Database Administrator (DBA)


The database administrator is responsible for the overall planning of the company's data resources, for the design of data, and for the day-to-day operational aspects of data management.

A database administrator is a person responsible for the installation, configuration, up gradation, maintenance and monitoring databases in an organization.

Who is a Database Administrator

Responsibilities of Database Administrator (DBA) in Enterprises :

  1. Designing Database Schema.
  2. Selecting Software and Hardware required by Database to Run.
  3. Deciding the Storage and Access Methods for Database.
  4. Designing Database Searching Strategies.
  5. Designing Authorization Checks and validation procedures.
  6. Designing Restart and Recovery procedures, in case there is some system crash.
  7. Specifying techniques for monitoring database performance.
  8. Maintenance of Data Security, which involves maintaining security authorization tables, conducting periodic security audits, investigating all known security breaches.

Skills Required for Database Administrator (DBA):

  1. Good Communication Skills.
  2. Excellent knowledge of databases architecture and design and RDBMS(Oracle, SQL Server etc)
  3. Knowledge of Structered Query Language (SQL).
  4. Basic Knowledge of Operating System on which Database Server will be running.

Average Salary Of Database Administrator (DBA):

According to reports by PayScale, the average salary of DBA ranges from $49,123-$102,000 per annum.

In general, the Database Administrator is not responsible for the actual content of the databases. This is the responsibility of the user. Rather, the Database Administrator enforces rules and procedures for accurate, complete, and timely update of the databases.



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