Setting Up Unity for Installing Application on Android Device


Follow the steps mentioned below for Installing the Android application on your Smartphone:

  1. Go to "File" => "Build Settings" => "Add Open Scenes". You should now be able to see something like this shown in the image below.

  2. In Platform option, select "Android/Player Settings"

  3. Give your App a suitable Company name and Product name and also a default icon if you want.

  4. In Resolution and Presentation, make Default Orientation to Portrait

  5. In Other Settings, Add Bundle Identifier in this format "com.companyName.ProductName" and select the Minimum Api Level

  6. After completing all the Player settings, just click the "Build and Run" option (make sure your you have downloaded and installed Android SDK, specified its location in Unity and your Android mobile is connected to your PC.)

  7. After Clicking "Build and Run" you will be asked to name your .apk file, name it anything you want and click save.


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